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New Profile Sander Installed in Workshop

With our New COSMA 1000S2 profile sander, we are able to provide our customers with a drastically reduced waiting time on our spraying services. As sanding by hand is totally replaced by the profile sander we can provide a more superior finish to all products. These two factors ensure that deadlines are met without any compromise in the quality of the finish.

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Makor Iride Automatic Spray Machine

Capable of Bulk Spraying Up To 400mm Wide
We have adapted our machinery that we now have the capability to continously spray items up to 400mm wide in bulk quanties, meaning wider finished panelling leading to faster turn around time in preparation and fitting.

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At SprayTec we offer a cost effective and time saving service for contractors, manufacturers and installers of all interior and exterior wood products.

We offer a single coat primer service which will help cut down on labour and material costs.

We can also pre-finish all internal doors, mouldings and stairs, which once again cuts down on time and material costs as well as giving a professionally finished end product.

All external joinery work, such as doors, windows and cladding, is catered for with our 3 coat system. This procedure again gives an extremely durable and long lasting product with the added benefit of lower costs.

"No more sticking doors"

With all timber products moisture permeates into the material. This is prevented when a product is sprayed prior to fitting as the whole item is prefinished with a sealer thus preventing warping and twisting due to moisture.

A spray finish provides a better finish than any traditional brush coat, this means that the items are easier to clean and keep their new look for longer.

Spraytec Video Brochure

This video is a short introduction to Spraytec Ireland. We invite you to take the video tour of some of the techniques, products and services we can provide. Should you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

About SPRAYTEC Ireland

SPRAYTEC Ireland specialise in the application of protective and decorative coatings for all interior and exterior joinery products. Established in 2007, SPRAYTEC offer a reliable and cost effective spraying solution to all of our clients throughout Northern Ireland and Ireland.

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