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Exterior Cladding

New Automatic Spraying Machine Installed in Workshop
Capable of Bulk Spraying Up To 400mm Wide

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Our in-house, high-tech spraying service can coat exterior cladding with either a clear or a coloured paint. This produces a reliable high quality finish that will contend with all weather conditions.

We have adapted our machinery that we now have the capability to continously spray items up to 400mm wide in bulk quanties, meaning wider finished panelling leading to faster turn around time in preparation and fitting.

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TradaExterior Cladding

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Cladding Info

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tricoya logoTRICOYA

After extensive research and investigating numerous products, Spraytec Ireland have aquired a product that will appeal to many contractors simply for the durability this one product can offer. Tricoya products have been developed to out perform normal wood fibre products many times over in a variety of tests.

To find out more information click the Tricoya Logo and visit their website, or contact us directly for a more indepth discussion on the applications you can possibly use this for.

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This video is a short introduction to Spraytec Ireland. We invite you to take the video tour of some of the techniques, products and services we can provide. Should you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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SPRAYTEC Ireland specialise in the application of protective and decorative coatings for all interior and exterior joinery products. Established in 2007, SPRAYTEC offer a reliable and cost effective spraying solution to all of our clients throughout Northern Ireland and Ireland.

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